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Spring Concert 

This term has been one of the most exciting and uplifting in the recent history of the music department. Although we have been keen to stage live events safety at every stage of the pandemic, Thursday, 31 March saw our first Spring Concert since 2019 and it had the atmosphere of a great gala event! Along the way this term, the House Music competition has seen nearly a quarter of pupils at the school perform as soloists and ensemble performers, Mr Kramer’s new Odyssey Big Band has seen latent talents emerge (particularly in the rhythm section), and rehearsals of traditional ensembles such as Senior Orchestra, the choirs and wind bands, have seen fostered palpable improvements in pupils’ musicianship.

The Spring Concert itself was a very special occasion, described by one parent as “the most moving and inspiring event”. The evening began with the beautiful Entrée Des Muses from Rameau’s Les Boreades (bassoon solo, Anton May) before Handel’s Concertino for Trumpet (trumpet solo, Theo Horch) launched us into a wide array of musical ensembles. Several performances were excellent, but the 16-piece clarinet ensemble’s performance of Rheinberger’s Abendlied was outstanding. Highlights from the second half included a foretaste of next year’s planned performance of Carmina Burana (In Taberna) and a rousing rendition of Doreen Carwithen’s Suffolk Suite – the perfect piece to mark her centenary year.


Next term promises a range of exciting events, beginning straight away with a vocal recital from our top Sixth Form soloists in the Mallinson Room on 20 April. The Young Musician Final follows soon after on 3 May, with another vocalists evening a week later on 10 May. As well as the summer concert, we look forward to performances at the Horniman Bandstand, and other venues across London TBC. Keep an eye on the music department website for further information!

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