Music Is back!

September 2020

Recent months have done much to spur the creativity and ingenuity of musicians, both here at Wilson’s and throughout the musical world beyond. As exciting and impressive as these undertakings are, nothing quite beats in-person music-making, with the electric thrill of perfect synchronization, the vibrant hum of a well-tuned chord, and the intense satisfaction of listening and playing together as one.


We are extremely happy, therefore, that here in the music department certain musical activities are back on the schedule, albeit with some modifications. Mr Hann is at the helm of various choirs of boys within year groups. The Sixth Form Barbershop Group rehearses in the Board Room right next to the Finance Department, who, I hope, are enjoying the boys’ dulcet tones on Tuesday lunchtimes! In the JJ Hall, Dr Clayden is leading two reduced-size wind ensembles, which are getting to grips with, amongst other things, numbers from the hilarious musical The Producers.  Junior Strings is back in action with Ms Taylor and I have taken up the baton with Chamber Strings, a stellar group of high-level string players, who are currently tackling Dvorak’s Serenade for Strings and one of the set works for A Level Music, Bernhard Herrmann’s film score for Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 film Psycho, a challenging piece of atmospheric atonality.


Inevitably, there are some gaps in our current offering, all of which I very much hope will be plugged before too long. In the meantime, I am looking into ways to create more musical opportunities for boys across the school, including masterclasses, repertoire sessions and chamber ensembles. There are lots of ideas currently on the table, so watch this space!

Ms Burton